Love My Reality is owned by wife and husband, Crystal & Wayne Lewis, from South Louisiana. They are both military veterans who met while on deployment overseas over 15 years ago. Their unique backstory is reflected in the store and brings a sense of authenticity and passion to their business, highlighting their dedication and commitment to their customers.

The clothing line has morphed from a t-shirt apparel company established in 2012 to a full-fledged women's fashion line delivering the trendiest collections for each season.

By taking a leap with a clear vision in mind to bring a fresh perspective to the community of Baton Rouge, LMR officially opened its doors on Labor Day weekend 2022. Since then, the store has evolved into more than just a retail space - it's become a destination for those seeking something truly special.

It has been a labor of love bringing LMR to market, but it is an honor to birth fashion that encourages women of all sizes and shapes to love their reality.

LMR's collection has modern, fun, edgy pieces with a feminine flair, bold prints, soft fabrics and exquisite textures.

LMR offers pieces for the fashionista who aspires to be a trendsetter, the minimalist who accessorizes staple pieces and the woman on the go who enjoys effortless shopping.